Ssewungu asked us two terms- Kalungu West voters say

Ssewungu asked us two terms- Kalungu West voters say.

All is not well for for former Democratic Party (DP) member who recently joined Bobi Wine’s NUP.

It is not yet clear whether he’ll seek a third term but signs on ground indicate that Hon. Ssewungu will go against his own words and play the usual Ugandan politics.

Leaders in Uganda are not new to this style of politics which was first promoted by President Museveni.

It should be recalled that in 1986 Museveni asked to lead an interim government for four years before elections but extended to another five years and he has never got tired of extending.

Kalungu voters say they are not ready for another Museveni type of leader in their constituency.

A few days ago ssewungu bought an ambulance which is a clear sign that he is interested in seeking for a 3rd term.

The ambulance was received with mixed reactions from residents.

Residents say that the Hon. is using Museveni tactics of waiting for campaign period to do what he would have done in the past 10 years.

They continued to say that the ambulance is a bribe to make them forget the promise of serving two terms.

Reports from the ground indicate that Kalungu West constituency seat has so far attracted 5 Aspirants but ssewungu’s stiff competition is from Africa’s renowned environmentalist and climate activist Timothy Mugerwa also known as Tim Mugerwa who is also a former President of the African Youth Union.

Mr Mugerwa’s growing influence has worried the incumbent MP Ssewungu if he make up a decision to run again, the battle is expected to be between Hon Ssewungu and Mr Mugerwa.