Uganda’s covid-19 cases jump to 139 as 13 truck drivers test positive

Covid-19 cases hit 139 in Uganda as scare increases for Truck Drivers coming from neighbouring countries. Whisper Eye Reports.

Ugandans have called upon president Museveni to stop truck drivers a move he says is suicide as measure to fight Covid-19.

Today 13th May, 2020, Ministry of Health records thirteen (13) Covid-19 cases . Stay Home Stay Safe

In a tweet according to 1741 samples of truck drivers 13 turned out positive ‘ says Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng.

These new cases 7 are Ugandans , 5 are Kenyans while the other 1 is Eritrean. who arrived from Tanzania , South Sudan and Kenya via Mutukula ,Elegu and Malaba says the daily ministry of health report.

As all 353 community samples tested negative for the deadly pandemic as those discharged are 55 .

Now total COVID-19 confirmed cases are 139 across the country.

Malaba, Busia and Mutukula border points turns out to be the most risky areas as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

According to authorities tracking them has commenced and the public will be informed accordingly