Lawyer Ssemakadde’s Legal brains trust sues KCCA to pay 500M to a woman’s family who drained in a Nakawa manhole

Top Kampala human rights activist Mr Isaac Ssemakadde through Legal Brains Trust, has sued Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the Attorney General in regard to the drowning of a woman , in a flooded open manhole a responsibility of KCCA. Whisper Eye Reports.

Ms Cissy Namukasa lost her life when she drowned in an open man hole in Nakawa division Kampala on may 2nd 2020.

Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde a director of Legal Brains Trust a pro human rights patrolman in Uganda filed an application at high court Kampala this week on Wednesday 20th May 2020.

Legal brains seeks a declaration by high court that the deceased Ms Cissy Namukasa’s right to life was violated as a result of the respondents failure to make city drainage channels safe for pedestrians.
A video shows how a Ugandan woman died in an open manhole

An application by Notice of Motion seeks the respondents to multiply their efforts to search for and recover the body of Cissy Namukasa and accord her a decent burial within two months from the date of determination of the application.

The order also seeks KCCA to erect a memorial at or near the hazardous drainage channel that claimed the life of Ms Cissy.

They also seek court to declare that the delay, refusal or failure of KCCA and the Attorney General to enforce a clear plan to protect city dwellers from loss of life, limb and property as a result of unsafe and hazardous roads, drainage channels, sewers and related infrastructure; contravenes the core state obligations to respect, protect and fulfil fundamental and other human rights enshrined in articles 20, 21, 24, 26, 39, 45 and 50 of the Constitution of Uganda and the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The law patrolman seeks compensation to the family of the deceased a tune of Shs500 million as a result of loss of a life who was the family breadwinner.

They also want court to order for KCCA and the Attorney General to admit responsibility for the planning failures and take steps to protect city dwellers especially pedestrians from the dangers of unsafe roads, drainage channels and other infrastructure within their jurisdiction.

Mr Ssemakadde who sworn an affidavit in this case said the respondents are duty bound to respect , uphold and promote the aforesaid rights in the performance of their respective constitutional and statutory functions including not necessary limited to planning , approval , funding , implementation and supervision of infrastructure development projects only.

Denis Nyombi another well known human rights activists when asked about this he told Whisper Eye that since the matter is in court , let’s look forward to the court pronouncing its self.

Under the of KCCA Act as amended 2019 the authority is mandated to maintain the physical structures together with the central government.