Hundreds of boda boda riders and passengers arrested for disobedience -police

Hundreds of boda boda riders and passengers arrested for disobedience -police . Whisper Eye Reports.

Police have arrested a number of boda boda riders in an operation to enforce the presidential order, banning boda bodas from carrying passengers due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently after president Museveni lifted the ban on taxi, boda boda riders started complaining appealing to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to allow them work again to get food and necessities.

Yesterday on Saturday, June 27 police carried out an operation in which officers arrested both riders and passengers that were violating Ministry of Health guidelines on use of motorcyclists in the country.

Ministry of Health issued regulations that riders aren’t supposed to carry passengers since it could lead to spread of the Corona Virus due to lack of social distance according to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango.

Several riders and passengers were arrested and detained at various police stations in Kampala Metropolitan Police area.

The suspects will be charged with disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts likely to spread infectious disease which is corona Virus.

‘This will serve as a warning to people who continue to defy the regulations of motorcycles; says SP Onyango.

Motor cycles were parked at different police stations within Kampala Metropolitan area.