Race 2021: Presidential aspirant Moses Byamugisha appeals for financial support for his bid

Presidential aspirant Moses Byamugisha appeals for financial support for his bid. Whisper Eye Reports.

Presidential aspirant Byamugisha Moses calls for financial support his 2021 Uganda presidential bid.

“I appeal to all friends of Uganda and friends of good governance to join me and we raise support for this effort God willing within the months of July and August,’ statess Mr Byamugisha.

Mr Byamugisha said that he needs money to gather nomination signatures from hundreds of registered voters across the districts of Uganda.

The exercise needs logistics including; T-shirts, Flyers, and renting offices, media facilitation, transport and accommodation, he appealed.

Byamugisha Moses, was born on 28th May 1982 to Mr. and Mrs. Canon James Byarugaba of Rujumbura, Rukungiri in Southwestern Uganda.

He holds a Diploma in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Uganda Christian University.

He is running as a candidate for President of Uganda, and promises to bring forth the much needed young energy to transform the pearl of Africa.

Byamugisha Moses appeals for financial support

He got into active politics at the age of 20 years when he was recruited in reform Agenda pressure group which was headed by Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye.

The group later joined with other groups to form the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

In the 2011 general elections, he contested for Youth Member of parliament for western Uganda on the FDC ticket.

In the year 2017, Mr Byamugisha contested for Party president of the FDC party which is Uganda’s leading opposition political party.