Bobi Wine is set to become president but how will Museveni be treated?

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

Bobi Wine Is set to become president but how will president Museveni be treated .

The moral question for all of us to answer,  it appears grotesquely queried. ” When we come together,  we can beat this man away! Get ndagamuntu! Mutamulizo! This campaign was synonymous to voting.  At least 9 million new voters were added. 

Long before,  Hon Bobi wine,  comrade Kyagulanyi Robert rocked the political anal of Uganda,  Museveni, the elected dictator put the gown of fear and we electorates, the oppressed Ugandans bought to it.

The gown of fear he done was precipitated by the opposition who amplified it, ” you cannot defeat ENTRENCHED dictatorship,  the man will still votes, he will use the army: that a perception opposition created thus becoming Museveni’s number campaigners. 

Many were disenfranchised! Developed apathy to vote. Only 10 million people from 45 million Ugandans voted in the past pseudo  elections. 

This was always early Christmas gift to the criminal thieving regime.  President Museveni always get 4 million votes, ( or alot self? ) the irony is that Dr Besigye had has been defeating the dictator,  but museveni had been ” winning ” by perception. He dominated parliament with his rogues, not because they win but the opposition was too weak to protect votes and even front candidates all over Uganda. 

 The thieving regime because they own EC, yet article 62 of 1995 constitution gives it independence,  they always count the votes. Always over 90 members get selves in parliament unopposed because there is no opposition in those NRM areas. With a united opposition,  votes will be protected and Museveni overwhemed.

The enigmatic rise of Bobi and several victories in NRM strong holds during  bye elections like in Hoima where Nyakato supportted by Hon Bobi wine, gave NRM a bloody nose had it not been for open day rigging,  beating and oppression is indicative. 

The unity of Dr Besigye, people”s President alliance with the versatile Hon Kyagulanyi leader of the world’s people power movement in Uganda has no doubt shaken the infatuatous scientific elections,  a shenanigan choreographed from state house to help uphold the infamous life presidency.

  No doubt,  with Norbert Mao,  General Muntu, Winnie Kizza,  Nandala MAFABI, and West Nile on board through the versatile presence of PP Deputy President,  Hon Bobi is set to be President. Dr Besigye actually is the most qualified interns of statesmanship,  experience, abreastness with statecraft and maturity.  

Hon Bobi wine combines lots of quality with a big vaccine against fear.  The perception that opposition can not unite, that votes cannot defeat dictatorship is the thing of the past. 

The king is naked with power fights on it’s high way at the family quarters with and corridors in statehouse, where  son, wife, father in disarray, a conflict threatening decades old plan to rule Uganda for life and turn it into a monarchy, is promising. The courting of the Uganda’s DAISPORA by Hon Kyagulanyi and magnetic/ love by youths , unity of opposition and all Ugandans gives Bobi unprecedented war chest and makes him  top in the scientific election’s pecking order. 

The moral question is,  Bobi Wine Is set to become president but how will president Museveni be treated?

This is a million dollars question . Immediately after taking back Uganda, in 2021, the coalition of the willing,  must immediately legalize benefits and immunity to past presidents except for personal responsibilities that grossly violates Ugandans rights.  This is check and balance on leaders. Besides, the family must be protected and facilitated. 

Mwaka Lutukumoi