KACITA strongly oppose Second Lockdown on Kampala Arcades

Kacita strongly oppose Second Lockdown on Kampala Arcades. Whisper Eye Reports

Kampala Capital City Traders’ Association (KACITA) Board members and the entire business community oppose the roaming second Covid-19 lock down to business community.

Given the prevailing Covid-19 situation at hand, the business community and the general public is going through un-normal and unplanned situations.

Kacita Secretary General Mr Musoke Thaddeus Nagenda says, there are strong measures that have been put in place all aimed at controlling the spread of the dangerous COVID19 pandemic.

Mainly by government ministries and agencies plus all the business associations that have been pivotal in this fight.

The 8th Presidential address on Covid 19 and lockdown relaxation which was held on 22nd June 2020 on the formation of SOP`s for operation of arcades.

The president prompted for the formation of the inter-ministerial committee which formed the Technical Covid-19 force, Inspection committee, National task force and Kampala Covid-19 task force were we are fully represented, which comprised of representatives of minister of trade, Health, Kampala, Uganda police force and major stakeholders including KACITA-Uganda as representatives of tenants.

“It was clearly announced and directed by the president of Uganda that arcades should open up and start operating following the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide on prevention of Covid-19 and should thoroughly be inspected, monitored, previewed and approved by the
technical committee”.

KACITA Uganda acknowledges increase in infection levels due to failure to follow SOP`s like use of masks, washing hands and laxity in the transport sector and arcades.

“But we strongly oppose the roaming lockdown since most of the countries like USA, Germany, Italy, South Africa are adopting other measures of fighting Covid-19 as they consider economic sustainability”, says Musoke

“Given the fact that lockdown has very many negative aspects like increased economic depression, increased domestic violence, depression among people which has increased the levels of suicide victims due to failure to meet their personal obligations, failure by the government to formulate a stimulus economic package to help the business community which could cater for rent arrears, bank loans and interests,recapitalisation program and others.

“We therefore call upon our members to fully comply with the SOP`S and also the enforcement team to energise the operations against non-compliance”, MR Musoke further explained.

KACITA acknowledges a need need for arcade compliance task force to continue sensitising the public on the recommended SOP`s.

Arguing that this can be done through formation of arcade compliance committee where KACITA can have all the health and enforcing teams including business representatives.

“We have strongly embarked on training and sensitisation programs to the business community”, says Musoke the KACITA SG

There is need for strengthening and monitoring the team like police, army among others, this can be done through thorough monitoring and evaluating the process of safeguarding as a way to fight the spread of Coronavirus in the country.