Mr Joseph Mayanja “Chameleone” 85 percent defeats haji Ssebaggala 53 percent in the vetting committee questioner

Mr Joseph Mayanja “Chameleone” 85 percent defeats haji Ssebaggala 53 percent in the vetting committee questioner. Whisper Eye Reports

Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant Mr Joseph Mayanja a music legend in East and central Africa who turned into politician popularly know by his stage name Dr Jose Chameleone has defeated 20years MP for Kawempe north in the National Unity Platform (NUP) vetting committee today at party headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala.

The deputy chairperson of the Elections management commission Mr Bikumbi Toney popularly know as Toney Houls has told Whisper Eye that Mr Mayanja has scored 85% against hajji Latif Ssebaggala’s 53% in the questioner that was set to them.

Among the questions asked include; What have you done for NUP party?

Hajji Latif Ssebaggala responded by saying that “I attend each and every press conference and function at Kamwokya”.

Mr Joseph Mayanja responded, “I opened up an a command center (offices) at Mengo along Balintuma road for easy mobilisation, planning and recruiting center for NUP”.

“In addition I have composed two songs ‘Baliwa’ and ‘Koona’ promoting our Principal who is my President Hon Kyagulanyi and appealing to Ugandans to participate in the struggle to defeat president Museveni.”

Lastly answering the same question Mr Mayanja added, “I have a brand ‘Dr Jose Chameleone’ which I offered to be used by my party NUP”.

The second question asked was, why have you come to contest for the post of Lord Mayor?

Hajji Latif responded by saying that it was a decision taken by NUP top leaders after contesting and winning the post of area MP in Kawempe North for the last 20 years.

We took a decision to contest for Kampala Lord Mayoral seat.

Mr Joseph Mayanja responded that; ” I have come to contribute on the struggle to defeat Mr Museveni and serve the people of Kampala who are badly in need of service delivery “.

The question that left the commissioners pleased by Mr Joseph Mayanja was: What will you do if NUP does not give you the ticket?

Hajji Latif Ssebaggala responded by saying that ” We agreed that the ticket for Kampala Lord Mayoral post is mine. I’m sure that I have the ticket “.

Dr Jose Chameleone replied “I will remain on the side of the People fighting for justice and freedom as a member of NUP”.

” Lukwago is just thinking about me, he is having scaring dreams in his bed at night. NUP can’t drop such a brand in the revolution to liberate our country, I’m very sure”.

However Mr Bikumbi said that vetting questioner is among the various tools they use to chose NUP party flag bearers.

“This is part of the many various tools we use to decide the flag bearers of our Party. We shall communicate next week who is the flag bearer of National Unity Platform for Kampala Lord Mayoral seat 2021.