URA boss bites again 211 custom workers reshuffled

URA boss bites again 211 custom workers reshuffled. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has reshuffled over 200 officers working in the Customs Department across the country, in the ongoing clearance of the authority.

Commissioner Customs Abel Kagumire made the announcement in a memo copied to the Commissioner General John Rujooki on Monday, June 29.

Mr Kagumire said that the changes take effect on July 1- Wednesday, 2020.

It is not yet clear to Us, what could have prompted the reshuffle as of now.

However, Mr Kagumire says the Manager Customs Planning unit is tasked to facilitate the smooth deployment process before July 1, 2020.

Uganda Revenue Authority is among the target authorities that president Museveni listed in the ongoing clean up.

Some of the names on the list

URA boss Rujooki, immediately when he took the job in March, 2020, said he would work with the team to streamline the tax body.

Our reliable source close to URA, informed Us that more changes are going on, although the authorities are preventing the public to know a out these changes before their final arrangements.