How Abby Mukiibi banned Bobi Wine from CBS radio since 2017

How Abby Mukiibi banned Bobi Wine from CBS radio since 2017. Whisper Eye reports.

People Power Movement leader Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, who doubles as the area MP for Kyadondo East to appear on Central Broadcasting Services Ltd on Saturday 4th July 2020.

Reliable sources intimated to Whisper Eye that the Pop music star also known by his stage name Bobi Wine who turned into politician and declared to contest with president Yoweri Kaguta Musevini in 2021, will be a panelist on Saturday popular program ‘Palamenti Yaffe’ a platform where political leaders discuss major events of the week.

Last week Mr Wine when he was hosted by Dustan Busuulwa on BBS Terefayina Eyaffe TV, he publicly complained that he was denied a chance to be hosted at Buganda owned radio station CBS.

“Mr Busuulwa how many times have you had my voice on CBS since I became the MP for Kyadondo East? Yet I’m a son of Buganda from Mbogo (Buffalo) clan, and I’m a royal subject of our Kabaka (King) ‘Omubanda wa Kabaka’,’ Mr Wine stated.

After the statement Whisper Eye made efforts to dig deeper into the claims of the legislator.

A reliable source close to Mengo informed Us that, CBS radio programs Director Mr Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga ordered CBS presenters not to host Bobi Wine on any political talk show.

When listeners complained to Mr Meddie Nsereko who preside over the popular political talk shows ‘Kiriza oba Gaana’ and ‘Palamenti yaffe’, Mr Nsereko appealed to Mr Abby Mukiibi to host Bobi Wine, but Mukiibi refused.

It is said that there is a clique of National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders who blocked Bobi Wine from appearing on CBS through Mr Abby Mukiibi.

When Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, had Bobi Wine on BBS TV, he ordered Mr Mukiibi to give an equal platform to all political leaders from all parties and political platforms.

Abby Mukiibi Nkaaga is a graduate of the Music, Dance and Drama School of Makerere University.

He is an accomplished actor and director and also the Artistic Director of Afri-talent a professional drama company.

Abby has been directing and acting for theatre since 1994.

He featured in a missionary video “Fires of Hope” and has appeared in a popular TV soap entitled “Ensitaano- the Scuffle” a Television soap that was very popular on the Uganda TV airwaves for four (4) years showing on WBS TV.

He is the Program Director of CBS FM.

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