Mp Nambooze narrates how Gen Kasirye Gwanga (RIP) threatened to castrate her husband

Mp Nambooze narrates how Gen Kasirye Gwanga (RIP) threatened to castrate her husband. Whisper Eye Updates

Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke has condemned the brutal acts of Uganda’s security organs against citizens.

The legislator has been reacting on the way, Makindye West MP was arrested yesterday.

MP Nambooze has told Whisper Eye News that the late Lt general Kasirye Ggwanga ( Rest in Peace) once told her how they torture opposition leaders who critically oppose the NRA regime.

‘Late Soldier Kasirye Ggwanga (Rest in Peace) once invited me for a meeting at his home in Makindye. I sought advise from my brother Erias Lukwago (Kampala Lord Mayor) and agreed that I go and find out what exactly he wanted from me; says MP Nambooze.

“When I reached his home Kasirye Ggwanga was alone in a big house that looked deserted with his dog. Without mincing words, Ggwanga told me that he had invited me to receive the last warning from the regime, she explains.”

” Tell us what you want and we give it to you, we shall sponsor you to go out Uganda for studies with your family.

But if you refuse this offer, I have instructions to castrate your husband and you will never be able to pin it on me.

Imagine how you will feel sitting before your in-laws, when you caused such a thing to happen to their son.”

MP Nambooze told Whisper Eye that she went speechless and didn’t know what to say.

She felt so traumatized.

“I have lived with that trauma since then.”

According to the outspoken legislator, she has remembered this scenario after a video showing a Police Officer going for Hon. Ssewanyana trouser to squueze his private parts.

“I recalled some years back when the same thing was done to the now DP legal advisor Mr. Samuel Muyizi And also what was done to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, I also recalled the numerous people who come to us with complaints that they were castrated in safe houses and came to believe that these people do this deliberately,” MP Bakireke stated.

Unfortunately the scenical Ugandans find this funny and they laugh and even demonised victims of this great inhuman and evil action,/according to MP Nambooze.

“I feel so hurt….I went into tears looking at how Hon.Ssewanyana was treated, I always feel very bad when media houses for fun replay the cry out of pain by Lukwago, wuwii, wuwii, wuwiiiii, she said.”

Hon Nambooze who is also the DP Vice president of Buganda region said that even if you want power, even if you want to show the country that people were vanquished, squeezing men’s balls would not be one of the things a man can met out to the other.