If Malawi did it, Uganda will did it, Dr Kiyingi assures Ugandans

If Malawi did it, Uganda will did it, Dr kiyingi assures Ugandans . Whisper Eye Updates

Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) chairman Dr Aggrey Kiyingi assures Ugandans about changing government.

Ugandan Cardiologist has sent a congratulatory message to his friend the newly elected presented of Malawi.

“Congratulatory message to H.E Dr Lazarus Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi from Dr Aggrey Kiyingi, Consultant Cardiologist and Chairman of the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO),’ reads the document.

“Your Excellency and dear brother,
It is with great honour and joy that we can at this momentous point in history, celebrate your well- deserved victory as the new President of the Republic of Malawi,’ Dr Kiyingi states in the letter.

Dr Kiyingi officially represented the UFDO to congratulate Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

“Please allow me on my own behalf, that of my family and on behalf of the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) to convey our most heartfelt congratulations and salutations for this great achievement”, the letter reads further.

He appreciated
Dr Chakwera for his dedication to the peoples’ welfare, honesty, trust in God and “ever enduring pursuit of justice and peace makes you the perfect choice for this position”.

“We celebrate with our Malawi brothers and sisters this history changing event and know that Malawi is in the right hands,’ he stated in the letter.

Dr Kiyingi who is also a presidential aspirant in Uganda said that UFDO have supported and followed the modus operandi and have no doubt Malawi is headed for a bright future.

“The UFDO shares your aspirations and is committed to work with you as you take on this great responsibility,” he stated.

UFDO chairman said that the victory has given Ugandans renewed vigour to persist with their endeavours of restoring peace, dignity and stability in Uganda.

He promised to working with Dr Lazarus Chakwera for the common good of both our countries.