MP Ssengo rescues residents of Kanoni from police Custody who were arrested over land matters

MP Ssengo rescues residents of Kanoni from police Custody who were arrested over land matters. Whisper Eye Reports

Gomba East MP Kakule Ssengo, has saved seven suspects from Central Police Station custody who were arrested over land issues in Kanoni town Council.

Those who have been released on police bond are Ssenkubuge Alex, Zziwa Kamadi, Sserubiri Israel, Sserugga, Namuddu Norine and her two children Namata Robinah and Nannyonga Proscovia.

They have spent seven days in police custody at CPS Katonga region without being taken to court.

Area MP Ssengo, intervened in the matter and he rescued them yesterday afternoon.

These land disagreement started when someone called Ms Tusiime Charity introduced herself with a surveyor to LC 1 being escorted by one Wasswa Charles as her Lawyer.

Ms Tusiime and her surveyors surveyed the whole land formerly of Late Mukomazi who is said to have given part of the land to Central Buganda Diocese, and built an Anglican church in early 1990s at Kasaka village in Gomba.

Ms Tumusiime had the photocopies of land titles showing that she bought that land from Nalukwago and Kafeero the Administrators of Yakobo Mwanje.

This confused residents who thought that the said land belonged to the late Mukomazi.

“We were confused because what we all know, is that Nalukwago and Kafeero are relatives of the neighboring family on a different land,’ says a resident.

“This Land doesnt belong to Yakobo Mwanje. Mwanje was also known as someone who just had a Kibanja on Mukomazi’s Land, the resident said.”

Ms Tumusiime and Wasswa Peter went ahead surveying the land.

Residents argue that the copy of the land title Ms Tumusiime and Wasswa had, was of 50 acres but ended up evicting bibanja holders on over 2000 acres covering three villages.

Namely; Koome, Kitemu, Kasaka & Nkwaale.

Mr. Wasswa started hiring Men from Kampala to protect him and intimidate the bibanja holders while subdividing the land.

It is alleged that Wasswa started arresting residents from the three villages.

Area MP tried Justice Catharine Bamugemereire’s Commission and the injunction was issued but ignored, according to residents.

However Wasswa told Whisper Eye News that those who were arrested killed four of his workers on his farm in Nkwale village.

He said that residents are mobilised by area politicians without putting the laws of the land into consideration.

On 22rd June, 2020 during the night, it is alleged that a group of armed people led by Wasswa, with seven vehicles, invaded Nkwale village and arrested seven residents after breaking into their homes.