Bobi Wine’s People Power supporters face arrest over No-Nedda protests, Says Police

Bobi Wine’s People Power supporters face arrest over No-Nedda protests, Says Police. Whisper Eye Reports.

The Uganda Police Force warns political activists against countrywide protests

The Uganda Police Force has warned the People Power political pressure group led by Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine against staging defiance protests and demonstrations, which they have organized countrywide.

Bobi Wine, a singer with an appeal to mainly the youth last week launched countrywide protests calling on the government to avail relief food to people mainly affected by the ongoing lockdown intended to control the spread of coronavirus.

The police spokesman, Fred Enanga Monday told a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre that the police were working closely with the Crime Intelligence directorate and other sister security agencies to track down individuals behind the activities of the People Power group with a purpose of apprehending them.

Enanga said various groups last week staged demonstrations, chanting anti-government slogans and hitting saucepans and plastic jerry cans along the streets demanding relief food for residents and declared their defiance against the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

Bobi Wine and Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze, according to Enanga took part in the protests.

Several youth were arrested and were still being detained at various police stations as the hunt for others continued.

In Kamuli, Busoga region People Power coordinator general Bigirwa Moses was arrested and other youths.

In Makindye at Salaama road People Power coordinator Musiri David was also arrested and a team of other youths.

Human right activist Dr Stella Nyanzi Nnalongo (Owenene) tried to secure police bond at Nateete Police station and the police drove them a round the streets of Kampala.

An act Dr Nyanzi regarded as torture. She said that they were beaten and police officers denied them a chance to receive medication.

In the same regard, the hunt for a one missing Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporter and city lawyer is still ongoing.

Sources within the security circles indicated that Aisha Nalubega together with other FDC supporters who have on the run since the last elections in 2016 are still on the wanted list to answer charges of allegedly inciting violence, being accessories to the fact and allegedly participating in mobilizing of the youth and masses in general to oppose the activities of the NRM government during the 2016 elections.

These were supposed to be charged together with other strong FDC activists; Ingrid Turinawe, Nabillah Sempala, city councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya, among others.

It is suspected that Aisha Nalubega ran away after security operatives kept on invading her home in Nsangi in Wakiso district, a Kampala suburb.

Her husband one Muhamed Wasswa said he does not know her whereabouts and he has been looking for her, in vain.

He said he had in the process of searching for her contacted family members and friends for her whereabouts but he has been unsuccessful.

A neighbor who declined to reveal her name fearing to be victimized by the security authorities disclosed that Aisha Nalubega fled her home after security personnel came to her home several occasions looking for her even during the time she was in hospital nursing injuries she sustained following her arrest while she was at the 2016 presidential campaign rally in her home village in Mukoko, Kalungu district.

According to the neighbor, they last saw Aisha Nalubega being moved out by some family members and boarding a waiting car for an unknown destination.

However, this is not the first time that Aisha Nalubega was in trouble with security authorities.

In 2011, Aisha Nalubega declared intentions to stand for a political post of councillor, representing her area on the Kampala city authority on the Forum for Democratic Change ticket.

However, she was picked by security operatives as she tried to solicit signatures for her nomination and detained in an unknown location and was only recovered in critical condition in a dispensary in Masaka city.