Big Story: City lawyer Male Mabirizi unveils more details to pin Bobi Wine over academic forgery

Big Story:City lawyer Male Mabirizi unveils more details to pin Bobi Wine over academic forgery. Whisper Eye Reports

Kampala City Lawyer Male Hassan Mabirizi Kassim Kiwanuka has exposed MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine’s discrepancies in his academic papers availed by the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

According to the UNEB academic papers, it was found out that on 14th July 1996 at Kitante Hill School, Kyagulanyi, under his signature as Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, stated that his age was 16, meaning that he was born in 1980 and not 1982 as started.

On 10th March 1998, under his hand signing as Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu signed that his age was 18, again confirming that he was born in 1980 and not 1982.

UNEB states that photo albums were not yet in use as of 1998 meaning that lawyer Male Mabirizi not capable of ascertaining that Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert who sat O-level at Kitante Hill School is the same who sat A-level in 1998 at Kololo S.S, unless Kyagulanyi, who has a duty to prove his education satisfy him (Male Mabirizi) on this.

Again UNEB states that Kyagulanyi sat A-level exams in November -December 1998 sitting yet Kyagulanyi’s papers presented to Electoral Commission (EC)indicate March 1998. The following questions are here:

One, where did March 1998 come from yet in the Letter of verification, UNEB states that “This statement is issued without alteration, erasure or tear”.

Two, if Kyagulanyi sat in November-December 1998, why did take to Electoral Commission a letter indicating that he sat in March 1998 without a request for correction up to now?

According to lawyer Male Mabirizi, says that the above questions can be answered either:

The state is conniving with UNEB to allow someone without minimum academic qualifications to participate in their sham election for their own selfish and legitimacy purposes; or

That Kyagulanyi ‘manufactured’ the latter of verification submitted to UNEB for purposes of nomination.

He said that he wrote again to UNEB to clarify on it.

From the results, Male Mabirizi told Whisper Eye news that it means that the charges of giving false information, contrary to section 115(a) of The Penal Code Act (PCA, obtaining Registration by False Pretence contrary to section 312 PCA instituted against Kyagulanyi on 29th August 2020 are proved because indeed having signed his true age in 1996, Kyagulanyi gave false information that he was 35 years in 2017 and and UNEB stating that he sat A-level in November-December mean that he uttered a false document that he sat A-level in March 1998.

Mabirizi told Whisper Eye that he is still on course to secure a conviction against MP Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert so that he is barred from being elected in line with Article 102(2)(f) of the constitution enacted similar terms with Article 80(2)(f) that “A person is not qualified for an election as a president if that person- has, within seven years
Immediately proceeding the election, been convicted by a compete court of an offense involving dishonesty or moral turpitude”.

He confirmed that he wrote to the Electoral Commission not to nominate Kyadondo East MP for president due to available discrepancies in his academic papers until proved real by him or court.