Millionaire : Retired Justice Bart Katurebbe will receive millions until his death

Details : Retired Katurebbe to receive millions until his death, government to pay everything for him including Airtime and domestic servants. Whisper Eye Reports

The retired Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe is to enjoy his retirement as the government has prepared to pay him millions.

Today 20th Saturday, 2020, Justice Katureebe has clocked 70years, a limit age in the position of chief justice thus he has retired from work.

Yesterday he wrote a letter to the Judiciary, ending his tenure at the helm of the third arm of the government: Judiciary.

Aged Katureebe to live a happiest man until his death.

The government to pay him millions after passing the new law to guarantee a lifetime comfort.

Benefits payable to a retired Chief Justice and Deputy chief justice according to the new law include the following;

A monthly allowance equivalent to the basic salary payable to a sitting Chief Justice. The allowance shall be paid to the retired chief justice for life.

A furnished house or one-off payment of Ugx 400,000,000/= payable on lieu of a house.

A chauffer driven car or one off payment of Ugx 200,000,000/= lieu of a car.
An annual medical allowance equivalent to the medical allowance payable to a sitting chief justice.

Travel 1st class where the retired chief justice is required to travel abroad on official business.

Security provided by the state or allowance of Ugx 15,000,000/= per year payable lieu of security.

Fuel to attend to any official government business or state function.

Two domestic servants or payment of Ugx 300,000/= per month payable in lieu of two domestic servants.

Secretarial services of Ugx 150,000/= per month, a consolidated allowances of ugx 235,000/= for Airtime and Internet, Fuel and repair allowances of ugx 2,000,000/=.