Hope for revenue boost  as Zombo Multi-Million  market commissioned 

The  30 lockup shops at Paidha central market in  Paidha town council Zombo district have been officially commissioned and handed over to the council leadership bringing more hope in terms of local revenue boost.

The project was implemented by the Government of Uganda through a development initiative for northern Uganda ( DINU)   with funding from the European Union/ United Nations capital development fund under Uganda’s local government excellent fund grant.

The construction work was undertaken by Whimsy Uganda Limited company, at the tune of  Ugx 342.6 million.

The LCV chairperson of Zombo District James Oruna Oyullu commended the Government for the initiative that he said is going to increase the council revenue to an estimated Ugx 286 million per annum up from Ugx 230 per annum.

He also appealed that the whole market section be constructed to boost revenue and improve the living conditions of most vendors.

Oyullu also raised concerns about the Poor state of roads used by traders who come to the market weekly from different parts of the District and the region which he stressed should be addressed.

The LCV chairperson of Zombo District James Oruna Oyullu has estimated the revenue to increase to Ugx 286 million per annum up from Ugx 230.PHOTO/MIKE RWOTHOMIO

” In the financial year 2022/2023, the performance of revenue from the market alone was Ugx  230 million. This is estimated to increase to Ugx  286 Million per annum representing 18.3 % growth in the revenue performance” Oyullu said.

The LC3 chairperson of Paidha Town Council Godfrey Innocent Onega during the market commissioning said ” On behalf of the people of Paidha Town Council, I pledge my commitment to ensure the facility is maintained for generations to come”.

The market attracts traders from different districts of the west Nile sub_region, northern Uganda some parts of south Sudan and eastern   DR.Congo due to its richness in food products like matooke, dry cassava, beans, groundnuts, avocados, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes amongst others.

Dubbed the food basket of the Northern region, Paidha Central Market situated in Awinjiri village central ward Paidha town council is 2.5 km away from the DR.Congo Uganda border. It was established by Paidha town natives in the 1950s and became under town authority in 1994. but for long traders have been operating under harsh conditions in the wooden dilapidated structure that includes licking roofs, rats infestation, and collapsing block from the muddy structure amongst other yet the market is a major local revenue source for Paidha town council which has a population of over 40,000 people.

Traders reaction.

The chairperson Paidha Market Vendors Association Jerose Acikani has “Commended government for the great stride”.

Another vendor Kwiocwiny Oliver raised concerns over missing essential facilities like latrines in the market, She said “This is making life hard for the vendors which need to part with Ugx 300 to access a latrine facility which is nearly 300 meters away from the market”.

Vendors are seen bearing the brunt of strong sunshine. They have bitterly complained that the government constructed the whole market.PHOTO/MIKE RWOTHOMIO

The Chairperson of Paidha Business Community Agrey Odong expresses happiness about this new project before raising concerns ”  about harsh conditions many  other vendors are operating through ranging from rain, sunshine and dilapidated structure that are easily broken into by thieves.”

Paidha central market has a total of 507 vendors. The number of vendors is expected to increase to around 800_ 1000 thus improved income and local revenue collection according to Zombo district leadership.

With support from development initiative for northern Uganda and development partners, the Zombo district local government has been able to benefit from different programmes like local revenue enhancement programmes amongst others in which a total of Ugx 113.3 Million was injected.

The state minister of northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny has urged farmers to increase production noting that many products in the market are merchandise.

She also added that she will forward concerns raised by vendors who are especially operating under harsh conditions to the central government.

” In the market, there are mainly merchandise and meagre Agricultural products . This means we have a big task to make the market better”. Kwiocwiny said.

The  Head of  The Country office UNCDF Dmitry Pozhidear, has given firm assurance to the people of  Zombo about many incoming projects in the area.

“A lot has been said today about the Project implemented by DINU funded by EU and UNCDF. This is not the end of the program for people here “.