Love Wins: Busoga King finds wife, celebrations kickoff

The Kyabazinga of Busoga (King) His Royal Highness William Gabula Nadiope IV finds his wife Her Royal Highness Jovia Mutesi (Inhebantu wa Busoga) setting 18th November 2023 as the official dating to present her to the public. #WhisperEyeNews

Busoga Kingdom prime minister (Katuukiro) Dr Joseph Muvawala declared the good news on his Twitter handle, “The Kyabazinga is now betrothed to Her Royal Highness, the Inhebantu of Busoga, Mutesi Jovia”.

“With now the traditional ceremonies are complete, arrangements are underway for the Isebantu to present his dear wife to Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe on Saturday 18th November 2023 for the celebration of the Holy Matrimony and also unveil the Inhebantu to the people of Busoga and the world at large,” says Dr Muvawala.

Katuukiro Dr. Muvawala congratulated Nadiope on finding a wife and confirmed that they’re following their culture and norms.

At Whisper Eye News, we do congratulate the Kyabazinga of Busoga and wish him a happy marriage.