2021 Race: Muk student Bwambale Frank of people power to stand against FDC’s Katusabe in Bukonzo West

2021 Race: Muk student Bwambale Frank of people power to stand against FDC’s Katusabe in Bukonzo West. Whisper Eye Reports.

Renowned Makerere student activist, Bwambale Frank has intensified his urge to legislate in the eleventh parliament after picking his nomination forms from the People Power headquarters in Kamwokya on Monday this week.

The final year journalism scholar is largely celebrated at the Ivory Tower for his active involvement in student activism as one of the lead crusaders of the Fees Must Fall struggle, a movement that seeks to soften tuition dues to favour the underprivileged at the Makerere hill based university.

In his tenure in the 84th Guild Representative Council were Bwambale served as Chief Editor for The Makerere Newspaper, he strongly contested the then newly drafted fees policy.

Consequently, the university suspended him on September, 10, 2018 and dumped him in prison for a fortnight before he was bailed out by Makerere Lord Councillor, Doreen Nyanjura and researcher, Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

Bwambale would later bounce back at the forefront of people power our power movement . this earned himself another suspension on October, 10, 2019 which to-date remains pending.

The unapologetic composed firebrand activist told Whisper Eye that he won’t relent with his urge to liberate this country. “My candidature centres around restoring sanity in the August house. For a while we’ve been blindfolded by the political faces in the opposition who turn a blind eye to issues affecting the downtrodden,” Bwambale explains his bid. “I was speared when our MPs left the OTT to pass.

As if that’s not enough, they meddled in our tuition battle and again consented to the increment. I believe a vibrant parliament can overhaul this entire mess. That’s one of the reasons I’m here,” he adds.

On the matter of returning the exiled Omusinga, Bwambale says he will use his activism tactics to mobilise the youths to demand for freedom and justice of all the persecuted including the King, H.M Charles Wesley Mumbere.

“I want my king to be free and enjoy his constitutional liberties which were stripped from him by this oppressive government,” reiterates Bwambale.

Our tears over the November atrocities will never dry till our perpetrators like Maj. Gen. Elwelu are brought to book. Ugandans should not be murdered like cows in a slaughterhouse. We are human beings and we deserve dignity. The government must respect life,” he adds.

“We want leaders who are here to serve people. Not those who are after salaries and enriching themselves,” remarks Bwambale as he closes the talk.