What is slowing growth of  Alur Movie Industry ?

 20 years ago, Chinese and American-powered movies played a dominant force in the movie world.

Movies were looked at as things of the whites. Plays exhibited on the screens were viewed by many as magical and many would conclude that the actions can only be performed by the whites.

To make matters worse, screens for watching movies were counted.

But with the current trend in technology, access to pocket-friendly smartphones and screens has become easy.

To take us back abit, easy access to screens started in the mid 2000,s where for not more than Ugx 300,000, one could acquire one and introduction of electricity supply in Greater Nebbi played a Pivotal role.

However, mastering the art of acting in movies was pretty hard for many people coupled with a Lack of gadgets, expertise and Less desire to venture into the movie Industry.

Twist and turns 

Photos from locally made movie by Aero Filmz Paidha. Photo/ Aero Filmz

 What breathed life into the movie Industry locally was the Nollywood film industry, The Ghaliwood and Abit of Tanzanian Movies.

Nigerian movie plays brought the whole love and art here at Home, People more especially youths find it easy to master some of the characters of the actors and actresses on African produced movies because the plays are not that complex unlike Hollywood and Chinese Produced movies full of high levels of technology.

The Struggle for Zombo Youths

Acting movies needs a lot of resources. For one to Come out with quality plays on the screen, there should be experienced camera men with quality gadgets, experienced directors, and managers amongst others to guide different trained characters. All these when combined together can make a movie gem. 

Zombo District has witnessed a lot of talented youths with a clear focus on taking the locally-made movies far.

In 2014, A group of youths under the then JB records acted in a movie but pushing the movie far defeated the couple with little support.

Other countless groups tried their luck but wouldn’t push further due to a lack of proper management, expertise, resources, and gadgets.

Between 2019 and 2020,  A group from Paidha Town Council that called themselves The Aero Filmz came out with a crafty well well-produced play with the title ” The Lost Hope”.

The Pomp and Glamour exhibited during the launch of “The Lost Hope” gave most people a positive  feel about the local talents.

The group garnered enough support from locals, politicians, well-wishers, and even some Non-governmental organizations that thronged Daudi  Cotts in Paidha Town during the movie launch,  which to many was history in the making.

The group also wooed many locals and the Alur community abroad with their short comedy plays.

Abila ( The Shrine) is a new movie produced by a new entity Luohood filmz. It is to be launched soon.

However, With the upbeat picture “The aero Filmz” created in the minds of many people in the Greater Nebbi and the Alur community abroad, a lot was expected from them since their  First episode of the movie  “The lost hope ” was incomplete.

They made a promise that night of the launch that their next project would start with the stroke of a pen. However, it is nearly three years and people are still waiting for the second part of the movie.

This Publication understands that disorganization, lack of clear focus and management are still playing a big role in delaying the project.

Another formidable movie group that called themselves “The Westwood films” prop up in 2020. The group was formed by The proprietor of Ruviecom Media Paidha Mr Robert Ruva.

The objective of forming the group was to bring together idle youths to do something productive at a time when the whole world was taken upside down by the then-global threat of COVID-19 in 2020.

Westwood Filmz had a successful movie premiere of a locally produced movie in Alur Language called  ” Kidi Koth” in 2021 at a Cream land motel in Paidha Town Council Zombo District. The movie talks about the magic stone used by Alur’s ancestors to bring rain. To many, it was talent mixed with the revival of some Alur cultural practices that many young people don’t understand and many people including some politicians accredited them for such a craft and talent.

With clear production and eye-catching plays on the set, people in Alur were so amazed with how the youths are taking the locally made talents far.

However, two years later, Westhood Fimlz does not to be the most organised group of 2020/2021. This Publication understands that part of the group that were the brainchild of the initiative with the futuristic objectives is not reading on the same page with the crop of Young boys who wants to push the organization in their own style. One group wants leadership that rides on the notion that ” slow and steady wins the race” whilst the other group want things to move in a supersonic speed.

Apparently, A group led by the former Westhood acting chairperson Silva Fabian have reportedly  broken away from the main Westhood fimlz. 

Silva together with his loyalists  have acted a movie under their new label ” The Luohood” and they plan to premier the  movie dubbed “Abila ” ( The Shrine)  next month.

He has made it public that they want to make things different.

Kidi Koth was premiered in 2021under Westhood filmz industry in Zombo

“Come and be the witness,  

 The story of  the late king kiyabambi who killed all his Elders and made  youth to be come his Advisers in the palace . He made his daughter call NYILAK to rule his kingdom as a QUEEN when he was still alive from 1370-1390.” He posted on social media . This shows a clear picture that their is an imminent split in the once organized and reputable Westhood fimlz.

In Pakwach, a group said to be trying to come on board have not been clear on their objectives and to make it worse , they have kept their presence  away from the Media.

A few group in Pakwach especially from the side of Panyimur have ventured into comedy.

What went wrong 

This Publication understands that most movie organization are facing a big challenge of management, accountability and support.

What the managers are saying

Project like acting movies needs alot of resource.To many,mushrooming movie Industry can’t live to the billing because of a combination of factors which when ironed out , the industry can blossom.

Fabian Silver, The executive Director of Luohood filmz industry, a newly formed entity expressed optimism to this publication that they have the capacity to keep the new entity afloat notwithstanding the challenges.

He said their focus will be on championing the Alur culture through acting movies that depict Alur Cultural practices.

However he said, ”  the biggest huddle apparently is support from especially Politicians that we try to approach, they always turn us down “

He added that ” what amazed us is that what we are trying to produce is being liked by all of them, we shall continue to push on with our struggle till we achieve “

An executive member of Westhood filmz industry told whispereye news that ” we had some administration gaps but currently we have sorted it . As I talk now, we have started organizing our meetings to bring our house to order and westhood is strong “.