Female-Led Ugandan Startup SOLAFAM Uganda Receives Recognition and Funding from LEAP Africa

Abuja, Nigeria — In a remarkable celebration of innovation and female entrepreneurship, Ms.
Ainomugisha Shifra, a trailblazing Ugandan in her twenties, is making waves in the business
a world with her innovative cold chain startup, SOLAFAM Uganda. Shifra’s pioneering venture
has gained recognition as one of the top 10 green innovations in Africa for 2023, courtesy of the
prestigious Social Innovators Program Awards, held in Abuja, Nigeria, by LEAP Africa in
partnership with the Sahara Group.
SOLAFAM Uganda is revolutionizing the agricultural and food distribution landscape by

constructing solar-powered cold rooms within refurbished shipping containers. These eco-
friendly cold rooms are then made available to farmers and food markets on a pay-per-use basis.

Shifra’s vision of promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring that food products reach
consumers at the highest quality has earned her considerable acclaim within the industry.

What sets this achievement apart is the resounding success of a female-led startup in a region
where women entrepreneurs often face substantial barriers. Female-driven enterprises in Uganda
and many other African countries often operate in the shadows, but Shifra’s relentless dedication
and innovative thinking have thrust her into the spotlight, shining a bright light on the
possibilities for women in business across the continent.

In an exclusive interview, Ainomugisha Shifra expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the
recognition: “This is a special moment for me and my team. The energy is high, and we have
been waiting for such encouragement. They have been following my every step in Nigeria
hoping for this, and I thank LEAP Africa and the Sahara Group for this recognition. This award
comes with $5,000, which will provide a significant boost to our business.”
Ainomugisha Shifra’s journey from conceptualizing SOLAFAM Uganda to gaining recognition
as a top African innovator is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and
perseverance in the face of adversity. Her success serves as an inspiration to aspiring
entrepreneurs, particularly women, across the continent, highlighting the importance of
supporting and recognizing their contributions to the business world.

SOLAFAM Uganda’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and its innovative approach to
solving cold storage challenges for farmers is a promising sign of a brighter, greener future for
African agriculture and food distribution. As Shifra’s star continues to rise, the impact of her
startup on the industry and the community at large is poised for significant growth. This
recognition is a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey, and it opens doors to even
greater opportunities for SOLAFAM Uganda.
Ugandan farmers who have tried SOLAFAM Uganda services attest to how these services have
supported their businesses’ and improved their livelihood.

“As a farmer, I’ve found a game-changer in SOLAFAM. I no longer have

to succumb to the pressure of selling my chilli peppers to brokers out of fear that they’ll ripen too
quickly. Now, with SOLAFAM’s innovative cold storage solution, I have the freedom to
wait for the best customer, ensuring that my chillies reach their peak quality and value.”

SOLAFAM Uganda is located on the 5th Floor of Boulevard Building, Jinja Road Kampala +256
761225967 & +(256) 709682475 www.solafamug.com