Alur Kingdom reminds President Museveni of unfulfilled pledges

By Mike Rwothomio and Lee Ofoymungu

 The King of Alur Kingdom His Majesty Ubimu Philip Rauni Ularker III  has called upon Leaders with close ties to the President to bring to his memory the pledges he made to the  Kingdom. #WhisperEyeNews

This was During the  13th coronation anniversary of Alur King Ubimu Philip Rauni Ularker III which was this year held at Alengu playground in Parombo Town Council in Nebbi District on October 28.

The king reiterated the need for fulfilment of the President’s previous Pledges like tarmac roads, meeting the president, chief’s houses, and support to the chief’s Saaco Amongst.

” We still have our promises and pledges to be fulfilled, the chiefs keep on asking me about the president’s pledges of Support to their Saaco, meeting with the president and the most important thing is the people of Alur Kingdom need our roads worked upon,” Ubimu said.

The King also commended development partners for their robust support towards all the Kingdom’s activities before calling for unity amongst his chiefs for unity and development of the kingdom.

The  Chief of  Parombo chiefdom Muzinga in his speech said the president promised to construct descent homes for the chiefs, and also meet him in his country home in Rwakitura but to no avail.

He therefore tasked those in relevant positions to do the needful of keen follow-ups.

The state minister of Northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny addresses the gathering a the 13th coronation anniversary of Alur King Ubimu Philip Rauni Ularker III at Alengu playground in Parombo Town Council Nebbi District on October 28, 2023/ MIKE RWOTHOMIO

” We call upon you our Honorable minister to help remind His Excellency the President about the pledges. He promised us houses, promised to meet us in his home in Rwakitura but it’s one year and nothing has yielded, please help us take the message to the President” Muzinga said.

Some of the pledges were made by the president last year in Zombo District at Atyak Seed Secondary School Playground for the 12th coronation anniversary of the king.

The King’s statement about the construction of the 119km of Nebbi – Goli – Paidha – Zeu – Warr -Vura road comes four days after a section of youth in Zombo were engaged in a cat and mouse chase with security when they attempted to hold a peaceful demonstration about the bad roads.

Last year, Greater Nebbi leaders also brought to the attention of the president the plights of the people of Greater Nebbi occasioned by bad roads.  The President acknowledged the concerns raised but was not specific on when the road shall be worked on.

The state minister of northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny who represented the President as chief Guest at Alengu playground in Parombo Town Council promised to take all the concerns raised to the President.

Kwiocwiny added that the President’s promise about bad roads in the area is in the pipeline. She added that the Ugx 1  billion allocation to each local government for road rehabilitation and maintenance is with the district.

The National Resistance Movement Party Secretary General Richard Todwong who also graced the event told locals that all promises in the NRM Party manifesto shall be fulfilled.

The Paramount Chief of Acholi David Onen Acana

Some Presidential pledges have gone for decades without being fulfilled across the country.

The theme for this year’s 13 coronation anniversary of Alur Kingdom is ”  promoting the education and retention of girls in schools”.

Currently, all the Kingdom’s various activities are aimed at championing the education Of most especially the girl child.

This was the first time in history that the Alur Kingdom held its coronation anniversary away from the Kingdom Palace.

The coronation anniversary according to the Alur Kingdom will be held annually on a rotational basis and next year the King declared that it would be held in the Jonam region.

Alur Kingdom boasts nearly 8 million subjects from the 64 chiefdoms in Uganda and DR Congo and those in the diaspora. It’s said to be the biggest Kingdom in the West Nile sub-region.

During the coronation anniversary, The Kingdom also launched the second edition of the bicycle race competition.

A lot of pro-developmental changes are currently taking Place in the Kingdom. Recently, The King appointed his new cabinet to steer the Kingdom’s activities full speed ahead for the next ten years. He called upon the new duty bearers to work for the interest of the Alur People.

The Kingdom with its Palace in Kal Atyak (Winam) in Okoro County ( Zombo District) over time has gone through a robust streamlining in some unfavourable cultural norms and has now directed its pinpoint on the promotion of favourable cultural norms that are Pro-developmental.