“NRM is firm because of the binding ideology.” Ruth Katushabe

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Political Affairs and Translations Hon Ruth Katushabe while appearing on a radio talk show this evening the 26th September 2023 has said that the only trick behind the NRM’s strength, firmness and successes is the binding ideology that keeps its supporters and members ever together without staggering.

In her submission on the talk show, Hon Katushabe said the NRM ideology rotates around Pan Africanism and social economic transformation as the pillars that keeps her members as one without staggering.

Hon Katushabe was answering back to the question of the talk show host who asked why the current tensions in the opposition political parties like FDC, DP donot exist in the yellow party.

Hon Katushabe added that the reason why FDC is tearing apart is because the party lacks a common ideology that unites her members and this is why we now have the Katonga and Najjanankumbi factions. She further added that FDC was built around individuals not any ideology and this is why some.of her members think they are bigger than the party trying to pull the party to the direction they feel it’s right.

She also added that even when there exist some little tensions in the NRM, the misunderstandings between individuals cannot break the party apart as all members know that their personal misunderstandings can be put aside for the common good of the party which is not the case in the opposition political parties.

Hon Katushabe also added that it is wrong for opposition politicians to always peg their failures in their parties on President Museveni whom they always acusse of compromising some of their members. On this matter, she said that President Museveni is too busy thinking about issues of the common people rather than waste time in fighting political parties that cannot even defeat him in an election.

She has thus advised the opposition political parties to copy a leaf from the NRM if they are to survive for long minus collapsing.