MK Movement demands security to bring opposition politicians to book over hate speech rhetoric

The leadership of the MK Movement led by Mr Frank Gashumba the Vice Chairperson Central region has today the 26th of September held a press conference at Friendz Hotel in Kasana Luweero where they expressed dissatisfaction over the ongoing hate speech rhetorics being spread by the opposition politicians.

In the address to the press, Mr Gashumba pointed out to Hon Robert Kyagulanyi the National Unity Platform principal, Hon Paul Luttamaguzi Semakula MP Nakaseke South, Hon Goffrey Lutaayo the Kakuuto County MP and Hon Hillary Kiyaga Hilderman of Mawookota South for being the ring leaders of spreading hate especially towards Banyarwanda and Westerners.

He said that Kyagulanyi’s speech in Luweero during his country wide tours was a pure incitement of violence and segregation towards the Banywaranda and westerners where he was heard saying that the two groups are the faces behind the land grabbing in Buganda something which is not true because the people in these areas willingly sell their land to the potential buyers without even looking at which tribe one belongs to.

Gashumba also pinned Hon Luttamaguzi for spreading hate during the 2021 General elections where he allegedly incited people to harm Banyarwanda and westerners after falsely accusing them of electoral violence.

On Geoffrey Lutaaya, Gashumba said that while addressing his constituents in Kakuuto County at an introduction ceremony, the NUP MP openly made hateful statements against Banyarwanda saying they are the ones responsible for Gen Museveni’s overstay in power calling on the public to isolate, ostracize, target them and deny them food if possible.

He also criticized Dr Hillary Kiyagaga aka Hilderman for releasing a song titled ‘Enkukunyi'(fleas) with hidden lyrics describing people as fleas that are blood letting (killing people) robbing the country and grabbing land going further to call for ‘spraying’ (extermination) of the fleas hence inciting violence.

Gashumba said that such hate speeches were the ultimate cause of the Genocide in Rwanda which led to the death of over 1 million people and many others forced to exile.

“You all know what happened in Rwanda in 1994. The genocide was started and fueled by a small click of people who called the Tsutsi cockroaches that needed to be sprayed. In the end over 1 million people died.” He said

He has thus called on the Uganda Police and other security agencies not to fold hands as a small section of people is putting the country on tension by spreading hate that can likely drag the country to a regrettable situation.