Exclusive Video: Phone battery bursts into flames , burns four family members in Kumi district

Exclusive: Phone battery bursts into flames , burns four in Kumi district. Whisper Eye Reports

The explosion occurred as one of the victims identified as the father’s phone battery burst into flames.

Whisper Eye Reporter Clovis Ntafa in Kumi has captured the moment when a family house was burning down from flames from a phone burst battery.

Its believed the phone battery was next to a local charcoal stove before it exploded burning four family members from the flames.

The victims include Amuge Josephine , Akol, Micheal and their child .

Residents rushed to put out the fire using all means and saved a life.

A video show village mates fighting the fire

By the time of this story Ambulance Number UG 3651 had come to the rescue of the other injured family members.

Kumi Police is yet to react to this sad evening which is not a common tragedy in Uganda.

More details later on!