Road to 2021: King Oyo’s friend Yamurebire Burobuto set to challenge Museveni in 2021

Jothan Yamurebire Burobuto declares bid to run for presidency. Whisper Eye Reports

The Bitukwatako protagonist and two time Makerere University students’ guild speaker has this Monday declared his intent to run for presidency of the republic of Uganda.

His declaration erases off what had began as a mere rumour that the prolific generational politician was coming for the top seat. Asked what has inspired his aspiration, Jothan says now is the time to have a renewed Uganda where all institutions and systems are functional.

Since his declaration went public, Jothan has received a warm reception within the students’ and intellectual fraternity which perceives him to be the long awaited candle light in the stormy rains. “He is the beacon of hope. I have all along awaited a person of my own generation. I pledge my full time support,” retorts Uwesa Buruhan, an MP aspirant for Fort Portal City. ”He is a man who has set challenges. His legacy and accomplishments at the Ivory Tower are unmatched. We feel represented by just how declaration,” he adds.

The name Jothan has been sounding and outstanding not only in the Makerere University politics but also the Uganda National Student’s Association which he served as president. As a service driven leader, Jothan initiated the Mathematical set project which targeted all PLE, UCE and UACE candidates across Uganda. With the limited resources, he successfully traversed several rural situated schools and reached out to the striving candidates with sets and relief. A year after his service, his legacy in UNSA remains outstanding with many students still thinking he is the incumbent.