Heavy security deployment as Zombo residents set to protest over bad roads

Zombo heavy security deployment, will it scare the peaceful demonstrators?

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Apparently, Ground is set after nearly one month of extensive mobilization of peaceful demonstrations about the sorry state of roads in Zombo.

The peaceful demonstration is to take place today starting at 9:00 AM in different parts of the district But no sign of the event is imminent.

The peaceful demonstrators have been ordered by authorities to notify the Inspector of Police Martin OKoth Ochola about the planned event.

It’s not clear whether the Police Chief has been notified.

Soldiers deployed at Oturganga ward Paidha Town Council. courtesy

The mobilizers of the peaceful demonstration have vowed to soldier on with their peaceful campaign aimed at reawakening the government about the unfulfilled repeated promises about the sorry state of roads in the area that have been troubling people for ages.

According to the current situation on the ground, Security presence is heavily visible in different parts of Zombo District Now.

In Paidha Town Council, some Uganda People Defense Forces Soldiers were seen deployed in Oturgang ward Paidha Town Council. In Zombo Town Council, Security was in the wee hours of today seen patrolling the street of the Town, security presence has also been witnessed in different parts of the district.


Sources told Whisper Eye news that security is not taking any issue in Zombo District lightly.

In an audio shared by Sam Rwothomio, the chairman mobilization committee, He was heard encouraging residents to turn up in big numbers in what he called the historical event.

The business is currently going on as usual in Paidha town council though security presence is much.

For weeks, there has been a robust campaign against the sorry state of roads in Zombo more especially the 119 km of Nebbi _ Paidha _ Zombo_ Zeu _ Warr _Vura Road promises promises were made to work on but to no avail.

Social media in Zombo is currently flooded with messages about  peaceful demonstration walks dubbed ” Zombo roads also matters”

Many leaders have distanced themselves from the event.

The youths are saying the actions of the leaders show they are on their own.