Top DP leaders distance themselves from fighting Bobi Wine despite Mao presidency interest

Top DP leaders distance themselves from fighting Bobi Wine despite Mao presidency interest come 2021. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda’s oldest political party Democratic Party (DP) key leaders and strategists to back Bobi Wine in 2021.

DP president declared his interest to challenge Mr Museveni in the forthcoming general election.

However DP top leaders have denounced their support to Party president announcing their support to Magere based young politician.

Reliable sources indicate that a number DP leaders met Kyadondo East MP hon Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu also know as Bobi Wine at his residence in Magere.

They had a five-hour secret meeting where no one was allowed to possess a mobile phone or any recording devices.

It was confirmed after the meeting that they discussed how they are going to run Mr Wine’s presidential campaign in 2021 to challenge President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, against Mr Mao’s presidential bid.

Although People Power Movement leader Bobi Wine, did not reveal what they discussed in the meeting he confirmed the meeting.

“We are the United Forces of Change,” says MP Kyagulanyi.

“I was very delighted to host these comrade leaders of the Democratic Party and we discussed a wide range of issues.” Mr Wine stated.

The delegation from DP leadership is a boost to Kyagulanyi’s 2021 political road map. |Whisper Eye confirms from reliable source.

Mr Wine and the delegation agreed that the struggle has reached a critical phase and each one of them must put aside anything that would divert them and focus on the mission to liberate our country.

“The more we unite, the stronger we are.” Mr Wine said.

Just few months to the long waited 2021 general elections, the biggest challenge to the opposition is unity.

It is not clear whether Uganda’s opposition will reach an agreement to unite and force Mr Museveni’s exit.