Road to 2021: Bobi Wine’s mobiliser in the UK Rebecca Ndagire faces arrest

Road to 2021: Bobi Wine’s mobiliser in the UK Ndagire faces arrest. Whisper Eye Reports.

Uganda’s opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine is set to face president Museveni a long time ruler of Uganda.

Reports on Whisper Eye desk indicate Bobi Wine supporters continue to face hardships as the government elements through police scare, intimidate and threaten many of his diaspora team with unfounded allegations of crimes.

According to police sources Bobi Wine and most of his coordinators and political mobilisers in the diaspora are being funded by unpleasant elements who are after ending president Museveni rule.

Reports suggest that Ndagire together with other mobilisers around Europe are engaged in soliciting for financial support for Bobi Wine’s NUP activities in recruiting as many youths as it can to deter president Museveni from winning the 2021 elections.

Our Police sources have confirmed that it is also believed that illegal activities and promotion of homosexuality is among the crimes Rebecca Ndagire is likely to face since sources of their money is from organisations that champion and promote the illegal LGBT crimes.

The NUP leadership intimate to Whisper Eye say that dozens of their diaspora team are in fear as threats from the NRM regime continue to frame Bobi Wine’s teams on criminal charges.

The NUP leadership with in the ranks of Kamwokya based party indicate that Ndagire who championed the success of NUP Youth Victory in the entire Entebbe Municipality faces arrest over unfounded crimes from the Uganda regime.

She is instrumental towards supporting NUP activities and she has done nothing wrong apart from exercising her rights under the laws of Uganda. party official notes.

Our Legal team will look through such threat and take action to protect our member, one of the officials name withheld informs Whisper Eye when contacted on phone.

The NUP spokesperson Mr Joel Ssenyonyi recently came out to clear the air about a ploy by the the government to slap unfounded criminal charges on its diaspora team that NUP is getting money from LGBT community to destabilise Uganda during elections.

He also laughed at some security reports that say NUP is registering rebels, however he appealed to Ugandans mainly in the diaspora to be strong and careful as it’s not easy to fight dictators.

They will plant many things against we and those who identify with us however I assure Mr Museveni that the time is now. Ssenyonyi emphasised.

Uganda goes to polls in 2021 as the fight is likely to be between president Museveni and Bobi Wine who was only aged 4 when president Museveni then a rebel commander captured power declaring himself president