NRM Primaries: Mbiriizi town lower zone Mutabaazi 00, Kittatta 144

Mbiriizi town lower zone mutabaazi 00, Hon Kittatta 144 . Whisper Eye Reports

National Resistance Movement (NRM) political activist Abudallah Kitatta take an lead in Lwengo district LC. V party primaries from various polling stations.

Whisper Eye is reliably informed that Mr Kitatta has won Lwengo town counciland Kyazanga town council.

In Lwengo town council Mr Kittata had scored 2127 votes while Mr Mutabaazi has got 533 votes.

In Kyazanga Town council Mr Kitatta has scored 1977 votes while the incumbent chairman for Lwengo district Mr Mutabaazi has scored 1264 votes.

At Mbiriizi town lower Zone incumbent Chairman Mr Mutabaazi has not managed to get a single vote.

While Mr Kitatta has scored 144 votes at the poling station.

Whisper Eye will keep you posted on the ongoing NRM LC.V primaries.