Busted: Baliruno Yusuf names top CBS officials behind his suffering

Busted: Baliruno Yusuf names top CBS officials behind his suffering.Whisper Eye Reports.

Buganda owned famous radio , Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) FM top managers behind Yusuf Baliruno suffering as alleged are here by exposed.

The embattled sports presenter who was stopped from work by CBS management Yusuf Baliruno, also known as Baliruno of Uganda have revealed the top officials behind his suffering.

Mr Baliruno in an exclusive interview with Whisper Eye News, said that he was stopped from work by the programs director Abbey Mukiibi.

Names Managing Director Mr Michael Kawooya Mwebe, Human Resources Manager Mr Kasozi Robert and Programs Director Mr Abbey Mukiibi behind his painful story.

“Management had promised me to be paid 300,000/=, and then after some period my salary was to be raised to 500,000/=,’ says Mr Baliruno.

Yusuf names top cbs officials

“However when I went to my boss Mr Abbey Mukiibi, he sent me to the Human Resource manager Mr Kasozi Robert. I talked to Mr Kasozi who pushed me back to Mr Abbey Mukiibi, and I was tossed over 50 times. And I gave up without being paid, he added.”

The local sports presenter icon on Central Broadcasting Services (CBS), Baliruno spent 20 years at the Mengo based radio station on a monthly allowance of Uganda Shillings 100,000/=.

Mr Baliruno said that he was suffocated for the whole 20 years and could not be allowed to say anything concerning his job at CBS radio.

‘I petitioned the managing director Mr Michael Kawooya Mwebe for help after failing to get justice from the HR Mr Kasozi and Programs director Mr Abby Mukiibi.

I was not helped at all, suppressed and suffocated too,” Mr Baliruno said.

He also told us the he has never been paid a salary for the last 20 years spent on the CBS radio.

Mr Baliruno is crying to the general public for help, demanding for Justice

However CBS recently refuted all allegations to its brand and it clearly noted that Baliruno has no contract with it .