Letter : Former presidential aspirant Timothy Mugerwa who stepped down for Bobi Wine pens him

Letter : Former presidential aspirant Timothy Mugerwa who stepped down for Bobi Wine pens him. Whisper Eye Reports

Presidential candidate, environment activist Timothy Mugerwa pens down People Power, Our Power principal Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu after stepping down and joined him.

I salute you, your excellency.

Revolutionary greetings from my little known village of Lukerere in Kalungu district.

It is not well with everyone in Uganda except for the privileged Ugandans benefiting from the NRM government.

Your Excellency, as we go through the Museveni induced economic breakdown, I am comforted by your inspirational music and above all your quality of commitment to the struggle.

I know you are a very busy man, let me go straight to the point.

It was the year 2017 when I first met you in person during your parliamentary campaigns. We later met in Busabala where you treated us with a boat ride and BBQ as we celebrated our victory in Kyadondo East. We again met in Kamwokya for some discussions on climate change.

For all the time I interacted with you, I only saw hope, inspiration, a new breed of leader, and a new Uganda. This has never changed. I thank you for being consistent and remaining true to the struggle

Your excellency, prior to officially declaring your candidacy for Kyadondo East, you consulted a few leaders to either seek their support or endorsement. Among the people, you consulted were; Hon. Betty Nambooze, Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago, and Dr. Besigye. I will not divulge what transpired in those meetings but the bottom line is they never supported you.

On your nomination day, no prominent politician showed up. In the early days of your campaign, you were in the company of Ronald Mayinja, Ssempebwa, and your wife. I don’t remember any member of parliament who ever visited Kyadondo to campaign for you except for Ibrahim Kasozi who appeared once and disappeared like lightening until now. Days after the start of your campaign a team led by Lubega Mukaaku joined you.

After Kyadondo, we went to Jinja to campaign for Hon. Paul Mwiru where some of the same group that was against you in Kyadondo worked against you in Jinja but failed. The same happened in Bugiri and Arua.

Your excellency, recently you had a lot of people including high profile politicians joining NUP, I congratulate you for that. I am happy that the party is growing. I am, however, disturbed by self-seekers flocking Kwamwokya to join NUP when in actual sense they are looking for ways of regaining their political jobs.

Most of the high profile people who joined NUP are members of parliament who have been in parliament for at least two terms. You have been in parliament for three years and left the position despite winning all the polling stations.

I am inclined to believe that some of these individuals are opportunists who have messed up with their parties and now looking for shelter. They are career politicians who don’t care about the struggle but their own stomachs. Some of them can not survive without a political office.

How many terms do they need in parliament for them to achieve their political objectives? I hear one of them while seeking a second term promised voters not to contest for a third term, but just like Museveni, he is turning against his own words. These are not the type of leaders to steer a revolution of our time. The 21st revolution has to be built and led by a common person, not career politicians.

Your excellency, double-check some groups of people. Yes, they are in opposition but not in a struggle to liberate our country. In every election, they always look for political survival.

May God protect you.

Timothy Mugerwa is an aspiring Member of Parliament for Kalungu West