Dr Hilderman campaign agent Ndawula Akimu released from Kammengo police

Dr Hilderman campaign agent Ndawula Akimu released from Kammengo police. Whisper Eye Reports

Afro beat music Singer Hillary Kiyaga popularly known as Dr Hilderman top campaign agent Mr Ndawula Akimu has been released on police bond from Kammengo police station in Mpigi.

Whisper Eye Reported on how Police officers arrested Mr Ndawula on Friday evening last week, on unclear charges.

When Dr HilderMan camped at Kammengo police

Mr Ndawula has told Whisper Eye news that he was arrested after refusing a gang of youths who were tearing singer Hillary Kiyaga’s posters on Kammengo town.

“I told them not to cover Dr Hilidaman posters and to stop tearing them down because they did not expect me. Immediately they called police officers who arrested me,” says Mr Ndawula.

“When I reached at the police station, one of the officer told me that I was arrested under curfew guidelines, yet they found me at home,” Mr Ndawula explained.

Immediately after his release, Mr Ndawula has vowed not to be intimidated by arrests.

“I have to support my candidate Dr Hilderman, because he is my inspiration. We gave hon Amelia two terms, let her appreciate that,” Mr Ndawula said.

Mr Kiyaga camped at Kammengo police station to rescue his staunch support, and he has been released.

Singer Hillary Kiyaga declared last year to contest for Mawokota north constituency against Museveni’s Minister for Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Ann Kyambadde.