18 gov’t officials defy covid-19 preventive measures found drinking & smoking in a bar! arrested

18 government officials defy covid-19 measures found drinking , smoking in a bar ! arrested. Whisper Eye Reports

Police has arrested 18 people including government civil servants in Bundibugyo district for defying presidential order, found in a bar enjoying their evening.

Those arrested include; Ambulance driver Abas Luiz, Kisembo David who is a lawyer, Byamukama John the district inspector of schools, Kamuhanda Nicholas a veterinary officer, Masereka Godfrey a schools head teacher, Balikunda Sliver the district Physical Planner among others.

They were found at Vision Bar in Nyahuka town, during day playing ‘Mataatu cards’.

This was against the presidential directives of prevents measures put forward to fight Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda.