Embattled RDC Eric Sakwa, Government sued over Charles Sanga’s death

The family of the late Jinja local shop attendant Charles Sanga has sued the embattled Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa together with the Attorney General for causing his death. Whisper Eye Reports

According to the suit, Charles Sanga Family members led by Namuli Rose and Aidah Namukwaya accuses the RDC of beating the deceased claiming to have been enforcing the directives of president Museveni that led to his death.

Namuli Rose and Aidah Namukaya through their plaint seen briefly by Whisper Eye also accuses Eric Sakwa severally beating Charles Sanga together with the agents of the Attorney General .

The two plaintiffs (relatives of the deceased) call for the compensation for loss of life , medical and funeral expenses , together with damages caused by the loss of Charles Sanga life.

Eric Sakwa who is said to have directly beaten Charles Sanga the deceased has been appearing before Jinja Court in a criminal case.

Now this is a civil suit amounting from the same act.


Eric Sakwa was accused of killing a man in Jinja in the enforcement of the presidential directive early last month.

He was arrested and charged of manslaughter and obtained bail afterwards.

He was sent on forced leave by president Museveni for two months .

Whisper Eye efforts to get a comment from Sakwa was futile .