NRM’s Eng Sewava condemns LDU brutality , calls for President Museveni intervention

NRM’s Sewava condemns LDU brutality , calls for President Museveni intervention . Whisper Eye Reports

The NRM youth coordinators Sewava Mukasa joined other Ugandans to condemn what he termed as inhumane handling of Ugandans by the Local Defence Force Unit (LDU) personnel in the name of enforcing President Yoweri Museveni’s directives aimed at curtailing the spread of the coronavirus disease in Uganda.

The LDUs were deployed in the different areas of the country a directive by President Museveni after the high crime rate.

ENG Sewava Joseph Mukasa of NRM called for president Museveni immediate action of LDU for the good of the ruling Party.

The LDUs, armed with Avtomat Kalashnikova commonly refereed to as AK, 47 sticks and electric cables have brutalised Ugandans in every corner of the country.

Talking to Whisper Eye Eng Sewava said, although Ugandans acknowledge the need for the lockdown, and security, there is need to have the directives implemented in a manner that doesn’t violate rights of Ugandans.

“The LDU seem to be a unit with no clear command because this is not the spirit of NRM to beat People, NRM is a party that works for the people , the unnecessary beating of citizens is a matter of grave concern,,” Eng Mukasa Sewava said.

Sewava’s comments triggered heated debate among Ugandans as LDU are killing Ugandans neglectly.

Some of the personnel that have been killed or harassed by the Local Defence Unit (LDU) is as follows.

Vincent Serungi, a resident of Wakiso town was shot and killed on March 31st

Margaret Nanyunga, an 80 year old woman was murdered when LDUs raided her home on 1st April, in Kyengera.

Wilber Kawono, a boda boda rider was shot dead by policemen in Budaka district on April 18th.

In Jinja, Evelyn Namulondo was shot dead by the LDU and Charles Sanga, a businessman died after he was violently attacked by soldiers and police officers on the orders of the RDC.

On May 10th, Alfred Mwanga a 46 year old resident of Kapkwata village in Kween district was shot dead by LDU, ostensibly enforcing the curfew!

On May 13th, Eric Mutasiga, a primary school headteacher in Mukono was shot by the LDUs as he pleaded with them not to shoot a chapatti seller. He later succumbed to his injuries.

In Kasese, Benon Nsimenta a lay reader and father of eight was shot dead by a soldier on June 24th.

In Oyam, the LDUs beat up a 65 year old man and killed him last week. The list is endless and the list of those who are nursing gunshot wounds is even longer.

In March the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi made a public apology to some of the victims of LDU

Muhoozi also announced a change in the LDU command structure with the appointment of Col Mike Walaka Hyeroba as the overall commander of the LDU in Kampala metropolitan area.

The army said that victims who sustains medical complications were offered treatment at the UPDF Senior Officers diagnostic centre in Mbuya.