Exclusive: ISO acts on wrong Intel, arrests Mpigi residents suspected to be ADF rebels

Exclusive: ISO acts on wrong Intel , arrests Mpigi residents suspected to be ADF rebels. Whisper Eye Reports

The security operatives on Saturday raided the place at Park Village in Mpigi town council suspected to be a camp for the notorious ADF rebels.

In an operation that ended yesterday morning, Crime Intelligence had arrested over 100 people on allegations that are among ADF rebel group.

According to Crime Intelligence boss Col Chris Ssemakula Ddamulira, those who were arrested were working under Hajji Faisal Ngoobi who is the director of ISTI Qaama organisation.

Col Ssemakula said that he got information that the ISTI Qaama organisation was recruiting young intelligent youths into rebel activities under ADF.

However according to residents of Mpigi who are part of the organisation have informed us that those are false organisation.

Although many are scared of the ongoing arrests, however they boldly disputes these allegations.

Mr Roger told Whisper Eye News that they have worked with this organisation since January this year.

But they have never had any political issues with it.

He told us that they have been registering youths that want to join higher institutions of learning and universities.

“I don’t think that it is impossible to make a phone call to rebels to come at a police station and you arrest over 60 in number at ago,’ says Mr Roger.

” We were demanding our salaries for four months, and the boss was promising to make payments any time. So when security operatives called us to get our money we had to come because we have worked for it, he explained. “

A reliable source has informed Whisper Eye News that Hajji Ngoobi was working with his colleagues in Bugiri, so they got misunderstandings thus shifted to Mpigi district.

According to the source Hajji Ngoobi had received a lot of money on his bank account and his rivals used security operatives to antagonise the planed activities under the ISTI Qaama organisation.

Most of the people that were arrested are known in Mpigi, and are ordinary people.

ISTI Qaama organisation had planed to construct Mosques in different parts of the country as well as offer scholarship bursaries.

The organisation had more than 60 workers who were arrested suspecting them to have links with ADF rebel group.