People Power blames govt security operatives for killing Ugandans in context of enforcing Covid-19 preventive measures

People Power, Our Power Movement has raised concerns about the increasing abuse of human rights, and law by leaders using the COVID-19 lockdown. Whisper Eye Reports

People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi while addressing journalists at the People Power Movement headquarters at Kamwokya has appreciated all health workers who have continued to play a great role amidst the difficult situations under which they operate.

Mr Ssenyonyi has accused government security personnel including Local Defense Unit (LDU) and others for killing innocent Ugandans.

“Security operatives have killed many people, tortured Ugandans and mutilated others in the name of enforcing COVID-19 related restrictions,’ says Mr Ssenyonyi.

Mr Ssenyonyi has listed those whom he claims that have been killed and tortured by various security operatives, including;

Vincent Serungi, a resident of Wakiso town was shot and killed on March 31st.

Margaret Nanyunga, an 80 year old woman was murdered when LDUs raided her home on 1st April, in Kyengera.

Wilber Kawono, a boda boda rider was shot dead by policemen in Budaka district on April 18th.

In Jinja, Evelyn Namulondo was shot dead by the LDU and Charles Sanga, a businessman died after he was violently attacked by soldiers and police officers on the orders of the RDC.

On May 10th, Alfred Mwanga a 46 year old resident of Kapkwata village in Kween district was shot dead by LDU officers, ostensibly enforcing the curfew!

On May 13th, Eric Mutasiga, a primary school headteacher in Mukono was shot by the LDUs as he pleaded with them not to shoot a chapatti seller whom they confronted in regard to the curfew. He later succumbed to his injuries.

In Kasese, Rev Benon Nsimenta a lay reader and father of eight was shot dead by a soldier on June 24th.

In Oyam, the LDUs beat up a 65 year old man and killed him last week.

“The list is endless and the number of those who are nursing gunshot wounds is even higher, Mr Ssenyonyi said.”

People Power also blames the police for the death of Hussein Walugembe, 19, who immolated himself after Police confiscated his boda boda while enforcing Covid-19 preventive measures ordered by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Acckrding to reports from Masaka, the police officers in asked Walugembe for 100,000shs to release his boda boda, but he couldn’t raise it.

“Hussein’s death is only a symptom of the larger problem we have on our hands”, Mr Ssenyonyi stated.