Big Story: Lake Victoria swallows Katosi fish shelter

Big Story: Lake Victoria swallows Katosi fish shelter . Whisper Eye Reports.

Katosi landing site fish dealers are disturbed by the new water rising levels of Lake Victoria

This also also promoted Katosi town council authorities to seek for space to construct a new fish shelter. Whisper Eye has learnt.

The rising water levels have submerged the fishing shelter as business is being affected!

The long standing fish shelter was constructed by the town council adecade ago.

According to Kato Mugalu a fish trader , the shelter is where fish from the boats is assembled before it is weighed, cleaned and loaded into trucks and waiting loaders.

The Katosi twn Clerk Francis Kizito, said selling fish to factories are currently not allowed to carry out fish business until a new shelter is constructed.

“Yes we have land but it is not near the lake which may make it expensive for the fishermen to carry fish from the boats to the shelter. So we are still negotiating with landlords with free space in the strategic locations” Kizito reveals.

The Secretary for Katosi landing site Fred Gonja notes that life is becoming hard for fishermen forcing many to abandon the business.

Gonja notes that all trucks are now grounded. Previously at least one loaded truck of about ten tones could leave the landing site after every two days.

Patrick Mboowa the Officer in Charge of Fisheries Protection Unit Mukono notes that they have impounded over 30 licensed boats involved in illegal activities during the lock down period. Immature fish and over 200 unauthorized fishing nets have been impounded and burnt.

Mboowa believes the suspension of normal fishing business due to the raising water levels is forcing many fishermen into such illegal activities.

Yahaya Kizito one of the fishermen wants the town council to set up a new shelter so that they resume business.

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