Tears of sorrow!! Yusuf Baliruno cries out for justice against defiant CBS Radio

Tears of sorrow!! Yusuf Baliruno cries out for justice against CBS Radio. Whisper Eye Updates

Buganda’s Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) renown local sports presenter Yusufu Baliruno, popularly known as Baliruno of Uganda, has cried out to authorities for Justice.

The presenter was interdicted from his work early this year 2020. Whisper Eye has learnt.

Mr Baliruno said that he has worked at CBS radio for 20 years without pay.

And to make matters worse in 2004, he got a fatal accident at Entebbe road when a tree broke his arm while covering sports news for the Mengo based FM radio.

When he was admitted at Mulago Hospital, the bill was huge for him to pay. The local sports journalist narrates.

However CBS radio management paid ugx 2,000,000/= as contribution to his medical bill.

To his surprise, Mr Baliruno alleges that the management deducted ugx 50,000/= every month out of his monthly allowance of 100,000/=.

My bosses deducted ugx 2,700,000/= which was too much to what they paid in the hospital (Ugx 2,000,000/=),’ says Mr Baliruno.

A video by Yusuf Baliruno of Uganda tale

Last year the embattled sports journalist battled a strange disease and was admitted at Mulago Hospital- Kiruddu.

He claims that no one from CBS radio management visited him. sad!

According to CBS , the famous presenter was never an employee of CBS radio.

In a letter dated 17th Feb 2020 CBS radio legal officer Joseph alleges that there has never been an employee/employer relationship between CBS and Baliruno.

Mr Yusufu Baliruno joined CBS radio in 2000 and he has had a successful spell at the Buganda owned famous radio, CBS.

He became famous in locals sports, broadcasting sports news about local teams.

Express FC, Villa FC, KCCA among others and the National team have enjoyed his service .

He has been the icon of Masaza Football Tournament (County football Tournament), the most famous football tournament in Uganda.