Dr Stella Nyanzi rants again Besigye and Bobi Wine should unity

Dr Stella Nyanzi insists Besigye and Bobi Wine should unity.

Renown activist Dr Stella Nyanzi has pronounced her self again why former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Rtd Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye Kifeefe must pave way to Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

Last week Dr Nyanzi wrote a statement requesting four-time presidential first runner up to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Dr Besigye to serve as a premier minister in Bobi Wine led government.

Many social media blogger criticised her, mainly pro FDC bloggers arguing that the educationalist was bribed.

However yesterday, Dr Stella Nyanzi tale to her statement calling experienced Dr Besigye to step down for MP Kyagulanyi in the forthcoming presidential elections.

‘Dr. Kizza Besigye is my mentor; his resilience and tenacity in the complex struggle for liberation in Uganda compelled me to join active politics. My love for him is boundless.

My respect for his sacrifices is deep. I trust him. I have voted only for him as president,’ says Dr Nyanzi.

“Because I trust him, I know that he is truly committed to reclaiming power from dictator Museveni.

I know that my mentor knows that on his own he cannot overthrow dictator Museveni.” She added.

Dr Nyanzi told Whisper Eye that Dr Besigye believes in the strength of uniting with other die-hard opposition factions such as the People Power movement.

‘Dr Besigye knows the benefits of uniting forces struggling to redistribute power to Ugandans.

And so, I wonder why it is taking him long to negotiate a fair, just and equitable unity with Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi,’ Dr Nyanzi states.

The two men have a recent history of friendship and comradeship.

And they have supported each other during state-instigated torture and human rights violation.

However the decision on who should run as the president has become so difficult to make despite meeting on different occasions discussing on the matter.

Uganda’s presidential elections are just eight moths away according to Uganda Electoral Commission road map.