The battle against president Museveni end looks 80% however who is next?


The battle aganist president Museveni end looks 80% however who is next??

Yes, if removing a dictatorship brings a legacy,  then the Uganda’s opposition has the legacy waiting! President Museveni is at his weakest! 

The COVID-19 pandemic came handy. In the first two months till April 2020,  we had 53, April 160 THANKS to truck drivers and trade there in. 

Since money started flowing,  mafias started importing the disease.  It’s spreading like wild fire. At 507 by martyr’s day,  Uganda is sick. 

The suppression of opposition,  the lockdown of Ugandans, poverty compounded by desperation,  Uganda is set for change. People are tired and yearning for change. 

Ugandans are awake, certain and aware of theft and mismanagement of their country. The oppression and corruption, each year we are losing $300 million dollars on graft. From 1980 structural adjustments policy of the world bank, the theft continued. Now, Ugandans, must listen to those who are yearning for change. Ugandans must become brave like Americans who are making life hard for governors. Let them not fear, the power of of a dictator and oppressor reigns on the fear of the oppressed.

From the onset of pseudo Democracy,  1996 elections, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016 gave false hope for life presidency.  The endemic corruption and mismanagement of the country that destroyed the economy has weakened the dictator’s grip to power.  The urge for change within the regime and several rumours of a coup is a testament. 

The race against the regime seems at 80% done, but who will do the last rap? We have Dr Besigye and his cronies,  the enigmatic Bobi wine is yet to be seen. But the ultimate goal is either unity or licking wounds. 

Yes,  like Martin Luther king jr. once said,  ” unless we unite together as brothers. , we will die together as fools!

Mwaka Lutukumoi