Lake Victoria water levels displace hundreds in Jinja district

Several residents living on three major landing sites in Jinja district have been displaced due to the increasing water levels of Lake Victoria.

The most affected landing sites are Wanyange lake, Rippon falls and Wairaka where an estimated 650 people have been displaced in the past two months.

Rachel Mudondo, a charcoal vendor at Rippon falls landing site says that her shelter was washed away forcing her to seek refuge at the neighbor’s place.

“I had a temporary shelter which used to double as both my residence and stall but it was washed away by the floodwaters and I was left homeless,” she says.

Asuman Lubega, a resident at the same landing site says that 113 temporary houses were submerged in the lake.

“113 houses were completely submerged in the lake but our leaders who promised us some support have never come back to us,” he says.
Lake Victoria water levels

Yasin Tezita, a fisherman from Wanyange lake says that 350 people have been displaced as half of the landing site was submerged early this month. Tezita further says that due to the increase of Lake Victoria water levels, the water hyacinth has increased along the shores but the fishermen lack the necessary equipment to remove it.

Zurah Nabirye, a fish vendor from Wairaka landing site says that 187 families have so far been displaced from the landing site.

She adds that the government should devise means of evacuating all affected residents to safer places.

Titus Kisambira, the Jinja LCV chairperson says that people have been advised to stay away from the shoreline however efforts of soliciting food items for the vulnerable communities are underway.