Whisper Eye partners with Pan African Think Tank to promote Africans ideas

Whisper Eye partners with pan African Think Tank to promote Africans ideas. Whisper Eye Reports.

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Uganda’s Online media publication Whisper Eye agreed a partnership to promote African ideas with Pan African Think Tank.

Pan African Think Tank is an organisation founded by a Pop USA singer Christine Nichole based in the United States of American.

With the Mission to bridge the gap between African and African Diaspora through Pan African forums that assist with research as a means to collectively advocate for social welfare.

It was discovered that Climate Change, youth unemployment employment and lack of employment opportunities, lack of adequate schooling, lack of Health facilities mainly in rural areas, and land grabbing are the leading challenges that need collective solutions.

Selfie: Mr Mugonza Andrew , Whisper Eye news room , Ms Nichole-Pan African Think Tank and Carreti Media the parent of Whisper Eye ceo Kaweesa Hope

The partnership looks forward to find solutions to these problems, creating awareness among Africans and member forums.

Nichole hailed the new partnership with Whisper Eye which is owned by Carreti Media .

Our Ceo Kaweesa Hope thanked Ms Nichole of Pan African Think Tank for picking out Whisper Eye to be another engine to promote Pan African Think Tank ideas.