I will give Daddy Andre a second chance to eat my fatty sumbie again , Angella Katatumba tells friends

In March, Angella Katatumba announced she had separated with producer Daddy Andre because he had refused to take an HIV test even when he had spent almost millions spoiling her.

However, Angella says she can consider a relationship with Andre on condition if he agrees to go for a test in her presence .But the singer however have decided to change her mind and confesses to give producer second chance into her life claiming that he is cool guy and she had no problem with Andre.

The soft voice singer Angella Katatumba describes her experience with Producer Daddy Andre as professional and wondered why upcoming singers like Nadia Rania who alleged that he sexually harassed them took long to expose him if they had evidence and were not just making the accusations for cheap popularity.

The ‘Tonelabila’ hit-maker also wondered how a cool guy like Daddy Andre could sexually harass any woman without her willing, she claiming that she had wonderful experience while working with him.

Daddy Andre.

“I have had a very great experience with Daddy Andre. I found him extremely professional. My experience was different from those ladies’ because we met, we liked each other, and we liked each other’s’ music. For me he was really professional,i have had a very great experience with Daddy Andre. I found him extremely professional.We happened to love each other and things went far,he asked me on a date and we started dating” Angela Katatumba reveled this secret in a recent media interview.

Daddy Andre is not an aggressive guy, the way I am hearing what other ladies claim, but there is always two sides to a story. With those ladies, I don’t want to talk about them because they know their story with Andre. But for it was so calm, so cool, so collected, not aggressive. I had already left, Angella said

She further dismissed claims that there is a bed in the studio on which the producer forces girls into sex.

“Let me make it clear, there is no bed in the studio. Andre’s house is like a three-bed roomed house, two bedrooms, and one room is a studio. The studio is in the house. For such to happen between a man and a woman there must be consent, so they must have had a consensual agreement, even when they didn’t I don’t know why they took long to come out,” she said.