Big Story: Farmers in Nwoya accuse UPDF soldiers of killing four farmers who were resisting theft of their harvest

UPDF killed four soldiers in Nwoya on allegations that they were assailants who wanted to arm Lt Gen Charles Otema. Whisper Eye Reports.

Obira village farmers in Nwoya accuse UPDF soldiers of killing four farmers who were resisting theft of their harvest.

The UPDF soldiers attached to Lt Gen Charles Otema have shot and killed four farmers in Nwoya district.

Whisper Eye speaking to the LC5 Chairman of Pakwach district this evening, Mr Omiito Robert Steen confirmed the death of four farmers in Obira village.

He told Whisper Eye that he arrived at the scene , 6 hours after the incident and found 4 dead bodies of farmers together with armed UPDF standing next to them.

I was able to mobilise police and the UPDF to go visit the area immediately I got information of a serious shoot out ,the Chairman narrates.

The community leadership of Nwoya , obira village which borders Pakwach district say UPDF soldiers were attempting to steal their harvest and in an attempt to stop them , the UPDF opened fire killing four and injuring others. He added.

Whipser Eye speaking to Brig Gen Richard Karemire the UPDF spokesperson this evening , he said no one should have false confidence because his armed with pangas, spears and knifes to attack the UPDF and get away with it.

He narrated how UPDF lost a soldier in March in Zombo district when assailants killed a UPDF solider using a panga in that manner.

What ever the incident on what happened in Nwoya it was suicidal to attack a full armed soldiers and u go away with it, ok what do u expect incase an armed soldier is attacked , asked Afande Richard!, of course self defence is paramount.

However all this comes at a time when land wrangles in area has increased due to attraction of tourism sites in the area were land is now paramount.