Rtd Col Kizza Besigye welcomes back Gen Tumukunde from Prison

Dr Kizza Besigye welcomes back Gen Tumukunde from Prison

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Rt Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has condemned government over crowded prisons.

Dr Besigye sent a friendly message to Gen Henry Tumukunde immediately after his release.

Gen Tumukunde has spent a couple of months in prisons since his arrest over in clear charges related to spreading of harmful propaganda and revealing secrets of UPDF to the public during different media talkshows.

‘Well be back Ndugu,’ says Dr Besigye.

“A Uganda Prison is one of the worst places to be in during Covid-19 pandemic” Dr Besigye said.

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Besigye in a tweet said , that prisons are overcrowded and administered by staff that’s barely surviving- poorly paid and living in overcrowded poorly maintained quarters.

Gen Tumukunde was arrested two months ago , charged with treason and possession of arms , he was yesterday granted bail .