Shocking: Erias Lukwago Assistant Elvis Kintu suffers a strange disease, operated

Erias Lukwago Assistant Elvis Kintu suffers a from a strange disease , operated. Whisper Eye Reports.

Kampala Lord Mayor personal assistant Elvis Kintu was successfully operated after suffering from a strange disease.

According to his close friend Sewino Lawrence, Mr Kintu was operated yesterday at Kampala Hospital.

It had been found that doctors have not yet successfully diagnosed the disease that has threatened Mr Kintu’s life.

Reliable source, told Whisper Eye that the youthful Democratic Youthful Member Mr Kintu was attacked by witchcraft due to his good relationship with his boss Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago.

Doctors have advised Mr Kintu to seek further treatment from abroad.

However currently the country is under total lock down due to Covid-19 and the International Airport was affected by the same.

Mr Kintu Elvis is a Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) cadre who was trained during his University time at Makerere University.

He has won fame recently after Lord Mayor Lukwago appointed him to the post of his personal assistant.

Whisper Eye shall keep you posted!