Key points from Museveni’s Covid-19 address tonight

Key points from President’s Covid-19 address tonight.

  1. A total of 110 arcades will be opened after meeting SOPs. They must have; temperature guns, social distancing, hand washing, no people in corridors (bikuubo), no traders on verandas, keep records of buyers/clients, no air conditioning, everybody put on masks, enough toilets.
  2. Salons to open immediately but ensure masks for everybody, face shields for barbers/salonists, temperature guns.
  3. Boda bodas will resume transporting passengers on July 27th. Besides masks, the rider must also have helmet. Passengers too wear masks. Keep records of clients. Sanitize seats.
  4. Curfew now starts at 9pm, running to 5.30am. Boda bodas, however, stop at operations at 6pm.
  5. Churches/mosques not open yet but work towards SOPs for opening.
  6. Schools. Government will make a big decision before September. Government assessing options of supporting private school teachers. President Museveni offers Shs2b for their sacco.
  7. Airport stays closed until situation abroad normalises.