Nepotism: MP Babirye Kabanda backs husband “Kabanda” against hardworking MP Florence Namayanja for Masaka city Mayor post

Nepotism: Masaka woman MP Babirye Kabanda backs husband Mr Kabanda against hardworking Bukoto East MP Florence Namayanja for Masaka city mayor post. Whisper Eye Reports

Residents in the newly created city of Masaka are crying to Masaka district woman MP Mary Ann Babirye Kabanda to revise her nepotism tendencies that threatens DP opposition strength in the region.

Boss lady MP Mary Babirye Kabanda has aligned her family members and friends against strong opposition figures in Masaka.

Whisper Eye has learnt that yesterday MP Babirye Kabanda had launched her husband Charles Kabanda as the Mayoral candidate for the new Masaka City.

She has promised to inject in 3bn in husband Charles Kabanda campaigns against royal and hardworking opposition MP Florence Namayanja.

Last week, Bukoto East MP Namayanja declared to contest for Masaka City mayor, and her candidature was welcomed by key opposition leaders in Masaka.

Residents have been surprised to see Hon Babirye Kabanda fronting her husband for the same post.

In Bukoto Central, Hon Babirye Kabanda has already told her close friends that they should not fight Vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

Opposition has two strong candidates contesting for the seat, Counsel Kazibwe Magellan and Eng Ssebamala Richard.

However MP Kabanda is backing Vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi arguing that he has a big office that they are not ready to loose.

Reports from Masaka indicates that MP Babirye Kabanda’s young sister Nayiga Maria is planning to contest for female councillor in Kimanya-Kyabakuza division.

A reliable source has informed Whisper Eye that Hon Babirye Kabanda has employed her sisters and relatives who are at the center and front of very project she is doing in Masaka.

Speaking to Mzee Petero Mawanda the LC one chairman of Kyabakuza cell , All those attacking Mary Babirye Kabanda are political enemies of the opposition that dont appreciate the service Babirye has rendered to Masaka residents .

He singled out Mp Florence who has been at war with DP leaders and now he is looking at creating terrible propaganda aganist Hon Kabanda.

Political analysts say that Hon Babirye Kabanda’s decision to front husband for the post of Masaka City mayor weakens opposition.